RD Station Platform Roadmap

We are delighted that you are interested in expanding your business with RD Station. We want to keep this roadmap up-to-date to help you prioritize the work that can be done and to receive feedback on our prioritization. We want to build with you our ecosystem, so we bet on this transparency.

This roadmap is just about the RD Station's external APIs. To make it clear, as within software development, things around here may change, we can adjust priorities based on feedback from our customers, our product needs, and ecosystem developers.

What's next?

We have some use cases that will be solved in our roadmap soon:

  • Advanced CRM Scenarios: We want to enable these tools to be able to create a higher data sync with the RD Station, create contacts that existed only in CRM, update information and have a plug and play installation.
  • Advanced E-commerce Scenarios: For these tools, in addition to having updated data, we will also allow manipulation of custom events such as "Abandonment Cart", "Added Product", "Selected Payment Method", etc.
  • Data Enrichment Flow Enhancements: to facilitate the identification of information update by RD Station customers within the tool through custom events.

To make such improvements possible, the APIs we intend to develop in the medium term are:

  • Create of contacts
  • Webhooks
  • Custom events

Roadmap Disclaimer

Our goal in sharing this information is to outline our future plans for our external APIs. All information provided here are for informational purposes only, in a generic manner and is not intended to design exactly how and when these plans will be realized. It is important to understand that by sharing this information, we are not binding an appointment, as they are subject to change.