RD Station overview

The complete platform for business to build a real Growth Machine

About RD Station Marketing

The RD Station Marketing is a Digital Marketing and Sales software that automates the various actions that your marketing team needs, the tool allows marketers to manage personalized multi-channels for contacts, leads, potential customers and customers.

It provides tools that help to attract visitors to your website (through SEO and Social Media), to convert them into contacts (through landing pages, popups and forms), to create personalized relationship with them (through email marketing and marketing automation) and convert them into customers. All features are integrated and covered with analytics reports that helps marketers to extract the best of the digital marketing.

Due to the natural evolution of the tool (generate qualified leads for sales teams), the first designed APIs were directed to contact management, which allows cases of uses like Data Enrichment. In the future these APIs should also allow cases of use of CRMs, Chats, Events, Ecommerces, LMSs, etc.

RD Station still provide a webhook structure, that permits that leads information are exposed externally in JSON format through internal triggers in the platform.